If you have the extra money and are looking for the best of the best. You have found it my friend, DJI phantoms are the holy grail of flying cameras. This bad boy wont just turn heads with its looks but with its capability's also. Sour high into your city's sky and see it like never before. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is a skillful flyer in the hands of a professional. This model has GPS-assisted hover, 2.7k video camera that takes 12 megapixel photos. This quadcopter is absolutely amazing  for aerial photography! It also comes equipped with a 3-axis stabilization gimbals, integrated DJI Lightbridge live HD so you have the right angle every time or capture a scene like never before. The Advanced DJI Phantom is the next step up in the DJI series this one is ready to go right out of the box. With the DJI Advanced you will have the smoothest flight in the quadcopter industry. These little drones do some complex equations using their top of the line sensors. This drone pretty much fly's for you all you have to do is tell it where to go. Easily making the DJI series the easiest to fly right of the bat.

12 Megapixel Photos 12 Megapixel Camera for Detailed Photos
3 - Axis Stabilization Gimbal Steady Video
5KM Remote Controller Over 3 Miles of Flight Control
Micro-USB Cable Micro - USB Charger
GPS Assisted Hover GPS Hover Assist, Home Mode Brings Drone Home
2.7K Video Camera 2.7K HD Video Feed Back

This is an awesome drone the camera is great and it handles really well

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